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The Broad Advantage

Whether you are an organization looking to enhance your team’s professional skills or an individual striving to gain a competitive edge, look no further than Michigan State University. The executive education and corporate learning programs of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management provide immense, long-lasting value to more than 2,000 professionals each year.

If you’re ready to drive your career or your organization to the next level, the Broad School can help. Take a look at some of the valuable benefits our powerful programs have to offer:

Thought leadership

Learn from influential leaders in management, strategy, leadership, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, strategic analytics, supply chain management and hospitality business across a large range of business sectors.

Instructional excellence

Engage in meaningful, masterfully-delivered discussions with our world class faculty in a challenging, yet non-threatening environment.

Knowledge access

Tap into the power of a leading research university with a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge research and a first-rate faculty.

Global reach

Gain access to our global partners and resources to further enhance your learning experience.

Practical orientation

Learn how to apply your new-found knowledge to the real world through practical, hands-on activities and projects designed to establish tangible take-aways for you and your organization.

Learning environment

Experience a superior learning environment where your every need and concern will be addressed.

Best of both worlds

We provide access to the vast resources you would expect from a major research university, yet we also create a close-knit learning environment tailored to fit your needs. Whether you face individual or organizational challenges and opportunities, the Broad School is the solution.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to advance your career or enrich your organization? Look no further than the Broad School at Michigan State University. Give us a call today or explore our website to discover how we can meet all your executive education and corporate learning needs.