Business and Bagels: Diversity and Inclusion

Business and Bagels will be offered live, online as “The Virtual Bagel” through videoconferencing. If you have questions, please reach out to us.

Session Introduction

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re a diverse company, aren’t we?

In this session of Business and Bagels, we will discuss what diversity and multiculturalism really means and how to discuss these topics with both internal and external stakeholders. We will also discuss legal issues and the changing environment as we consider how to create and sustain an inclusive environment.

Session Presenter

Kenneth J. Levine is an attorney and an organizational communication educator and researcher.  These two roles give him a unique insight into the overlap between the legal and organizational worlds, including such workplace activities as employee interviews, social media usage, employee appraisals and workplace safety/harassment.  This seminar on diversity and inclusion is designed to assist attendees to realize how the laws and regulations are designed to help create an inclusive workplace and that by following the regulations, organizations are less likely to face legal challenges.  In his executive education and consulting practice (, he emphasizes how the law both influences organizations and helps ensure that organizational members are cognizant that the law may impact their organization in unexpected ways.   


8 – 9:15 a.m. ET



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