Construction Project Management

April 27, 2017 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development

Construction Project Management


Humans have been building homes and other structures for literally thousands of year.  Yet the construction industry is still filled with risk.  Customer changes, regulatory agencies, legal issues and workforce challenges can squeeze the margins on the most promising of jobs.

Project management is the best protection against that risk.  Skilled project managers have the tools and abilities to identify and control the variables that are key to bringing your construction project in on time and within budget. This one-day seminar delivers essential skills, including Integrated Project Delivery concepts, you need to manage project scope, make reliable cost and time estimates, manage risks, avoid conflicts and control execution…even as unforeseen issues arise.

What You Will Learn

  • Role of the project manager in the building process
  • Techniques to assure collaboration between the customer, architect, contractor and subcontractors
  • Determine scope and estimate resource needs, cost and prices
  • Build a project plan with clear milestones and accountability
  • Identify risks and devise contingencies
  • Monitor resources and costs during construction
  • Protect your company against scope changes and unforeseen delays
  • Closeout your project on time and on budget

Seminar Outline

I. Introduction

What is a project and what is project management?

Project management and the construction business

Where Integrated Project Delivery fits

II. Construction Project Planning

Clarifying project scope

Developing the work breakdown structure

Project estimating

Responsibility assignment matrix

III. Project Execution

Schedule development

Managing the critical path

Keeping subcontractors on track

Monitoring and responding to risks

Execution monitoring and control

Performance reporting

IV. Project Success

Issues and delays management

Change control

Project closure

Who Should Attend

  • Construction project managers
  • Principals and executives from small to mid-sized firms
  • Engineers and architects
  • Estimators and accountants
  • Contract managers
  • Contractors and subcontractors


Sally Vescolani