Railway Motive Power and Alternative Propulsion

January 29, 2020 - January 31, 2020 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Courtyard by Marriott- Long Beach CA

Electronic Copy – Railway Motive Power and Alternative Propulsion Brochure 2020

Program Overview:

Air quality and volatile diesel prices pose challenges to railways, particularly in urban areas. Traditional wayside power supply requires large capital investment and has visual impact. Emerging propulsion systems have the potential to address these concerns: (a) Rapidly developing battery technology with opportunity charging offers a suitable way forward for some railway services. (b) Hydrogen fuel cell systems offer zero-emission, longer range, flexibility, and lower capital cost than electrification. Knowledge and understanding of these technologies is essential to increase the effectiveness of capital investment, fleet modernization, and to avoid investment in stranded assets.

Classroom instruction by MSU Faculty and Industry subject matter experts, with a site visit included.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers considering new networks and extensions
  • Railway consultants
  • Government representatives and policy advisors responsible for air quality or public transportation
  • Rail transportation managers for ports / port authorities
  • Rail motive power mangers considering technology changes / fleet renewal or refurbishment

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the impact of duty cycles on propulsion system design and motive power technology selection
  • Know drive trains of various architectures, such as diesel, electric, hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, their advantages and limitations
  • Understand design and operational issues related to wayside power supply
  • Understand the drivers for alternative propulsion systems and the impact on technology selection
  • Assess suitability of motive power technologies to address environmental, fuel consumption, and capital cost concerns
  • Know emerging research and applications of Hydrail


Andreas Hoffrichter MSU, Center for Railway Research and Education (CRRE). Expert in zero emissions propulsion systems for railway vehicles. CRRE is on the forefront in research on this subject matter.

Industry Subject Matter Experts:

Dave Cook

Chief Technology Officer, Rail Propulsion Systems, Fullerton, CA.

Insight into the conversion of existing locomotives to hybrids, alternative fuels, such as natural gas, and emission reduction options.

Lynn Harris

Senior Project Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation Rail Division, Raleigh, NC

Insight into alternative propulsion and zero-emission efforts of the Piedmont rail service, including hybrids and hydrogen.

Paul Childs

Chief Operating Officer, M-1 Rail, Detroit, MI.

Insight into the first discontinuous electrification railway system in the country. Battery-powered streetcars charged with several designs. Learn about the design, development, and operations.

Price & Registration:

$1995 – full tuition (includes materials, meals, certificate of completion)

Hotel room reservations can be made by calling 1-844-297-8289 ask for the MSU Rail block

$1795 – early bird, register before Jan. 15th, 2020.