Supply Chain Logistics Management Executive Seminar | Live, Online

This program will be offered live, online from May 2 through May 7, 2021.


For over 50 years, Michigan State University’s Supply Chain Logistics Management Executive Seminar has been the world’s premier logistics executive seminar.

The seminar combines academic frameworks and real-world examples, including discussion and review of best practice trends. The seminar faculty consists of academic and industry speakers that are thought-leaders in supply chain logistics management. The program is designed for experienced executives whose firms are driving integrated logistics within the context of an overall supply chain strategy.

We hope your organization joins us this year to further develop your supply chain logistics management executive talent.

Comments from Former SCLM Seminar Participants

“All presenters were very knowledgeable and professional.”

“Very well run program. Everyone was very accommodating and friendly.”

“Faculty was articulate and passionate.”

“All faculty were very knowledgeable in their fields.”

“The program is structured extremely well and it is a very aggressive program.”


  • To understand how logistics and integrated supply chain can contribute to firm competitiveness
  • To discuss how logistics and supply chain capabilities can be synthesized and leveraged to achieve superior supply chain and logistics performance.
  • To assist managers transitioning from managing specific functional areas, such as transportation and warehousing, toward the challenge of logistics planning and operational integration
  • To identify and understand the logistics and supply challenges and trade-offs associated with global operations
  • To share and discuss industry best practices in a collaborative learning environment designed to bring value to every organization

Critical/Emerging Issues Workshop

One of the unique features of this seminar is the critical/emerging issues workshop, which facilitates discussion between participants concerning their most significant supply chain challenges and how to potentially address them. This provides tangible, relevant actions for potential implementation following the seminar.

2021 Faculty and Speakers

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for executives and senior managers in customer service, transportation, warehousing, logistics, planning and supply chain who are interested in learning strategies, concepts and techniques necessary to contribute more fully to competitive performance at their firms.   The seminar provides insight into the design and execution of global supply chains, which can contribute to identification/implementation of new value-added initiatives.


Only advance registrations are accepted for this program. The 2021 seminar fee is $4,995. This fee includes all meeting materials.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 15 days of the seminar start will be limited to emergency situations and may result in a cancellation fee ($500). Participant substitutions are welcome at any time prior to the start of the seminar. If a registered participant does not attend the seminar and does not notify us in advance, they will be charged the full seminar fee.


Tricia Walters