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There is no one-size-fits all recipe for getting better business results. It is both art and science, requiring data-driven problem solving and out-of-the-box solutions to assure sustainable success.

Process Transformation will arm you classic with process improvement skills (SPC, Lean, Six Sigma) and creative redesign techniques so you are able to deliver both continuous improvement and breakthrough solutions for your organization.

Process Transformation is part of the Business Process Management Certificate Series, and it can be taken as a stand alone program or as part of the BPM sequence. Through the course of three modules, the Business Process Management Certificate Series will provide the tools and techniques needed to transform business operations. Participants will learn how to reduce costs, optimize profits, increase capacity, slash service times, provide a better customer experience, and compete through effective process management.

The instructors and the program are registered with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP).  The Business Process Management Series is compatible with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals’ (ABPMP) Comprehensive Body of Knowledge.

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I. Innovation in Business

  • Transformation examples
  • Strategy/Process/Innovation Synergy
  • Generating Solutions: Improvement vs. Innovation

II. Process Improvement Strategies

  • Optimizing process flow
  • Managing variation
    • Selecting metrics
    • Pareto Charts
    • Histograms
    • Control Charts
  • Interpreting data

III. Process Innovation Techniques

  • Brainstorming- Guidelines
  • Six Hats Thinking
  • Five Max Method
  • Assessing Solutions
  • Mapping To-Be processes

IV. Leveraging Process Excellence

  • Kano Model
  • Process Extension
  • Market Extension
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Value Curves

V. Implementation

  • CODE – Implementing Change
  • Facilitation tips

Key Learning Objectives

In this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Evaluate process performance relative to current strategic goals
  • Interpret data and graphics to manage process performance
  • Think outside the “process box”
  • Use cutting edge techniques to generate ideas for breakthrough performance
  • Devise innovative process designs based on customer needs
  • Deliver more value to current and future customers
  • Plan for the practical and political realities of process change

Faculty and Speakers

Ralph Smith, Orion Development Group

Who Should Attend?

Those who will benefit from attending this program are: 

  • Leaders or members of Six Sigma, Kaizen, or reengineering teams 
  • Process owners and managers 
  • Process, workflow, and business analysts 
  • Functional and project managers 
  • All types of directors, especially quality assurance, HR, operations, supply chain, IT, and risk management 
  • Internal change agents 
  • Candidates for ABPMP certification or recertification 
  • Managers and consultants who are installing BPM, ERP, CRM or similar technologies 
  • Senior leaders who are champions of process and technology change 

Additional Information


Have a question? Click here for Frequently Asked Questions  (Internal note: Please link to NHA FAQ webpage) or contact us anytime at edp@broad.msu.edu or 517-353-8711. 

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