Program Description

This self-paced, online program consists of five lessons that focus on the management of a maintenance department, program or function within the water/wastewater industry. Upon registration, you will receive two textbooks specific to maintenance management and a guide to tell you which chapters and sections to read and much additional material to refer to, with detailed instructions on how to complete the program requirements.

The program is divided into five sections, and after completion of each section, you will complete an online multiple-choice examination to test your learning. You may take each examination more than once, and your final score for each section will be automatically recorded. An accumulated pass score for all multiple-choice examinations is 70% or above and you will be able to view the results immediately upon completion of each examination. Upon satisfactory completion of all five sections, you will receive a letter of verification showing you have earned 6 continuing education units, each unit equivalent to 10 hours of study, and a certificate awarded by Michigan State University. Most states recognize this program as a necessary part of personal development for certification, job upgrading and certificate renewal.

Key Learning Objectives

Once completed, you will be equipped to understand:

  • How to plan a maintenance program
  • The steps and the order of sound planning to enable the organization of a complete maintenance program
  • What it takes to organize a maintenance program, once the plan is confirmed
  • The vital steps in constructing an organization and implementation plan
  • The elements that must be considered when planning and implementing the staffing of a maintenance department
  • How to assign work activities and how all functions contribute and combine to getting the plan implemented efficiently and effectively
  • The personal knowledge skills and attributes needed to lead and direct a maintenance program
  • The methods and processes needed to understand at all times how to monitor progress throughout a planned maintenance program
  • What kind of controls are needed to manage the maintenance function

Note:  Participants will learn sound management principles and how to use them. Actual conduct of specific maintenance procedures is not intended to be the subject of this program and therefore is not included in the content.

Who Should Attend?

This program is specifically designed for those working in the water/wastewater industry, and will help those wishing to learn all aspects of how to manage and supervise a maintenance program or function. These could include system managers, department heads, superintendents of treatment plants, distribution systems, collection systems etc., operation managers and senior operators, maintenance leaders, managers and supervisors, crew chiefs, stock room supervisors, office leaders, coordinators and team members.
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Maintenance Management in the Water Wastewater Field 2023
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